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Flowering time: June-August.

Climate and soil requirements:
• S .sclarea is a very drought resistant plant. For this reason, it is frequently encountered in arid and stony areas. It grows very vigorously in well fertile soils and forms large leaves.
• Although it is reported that the essential oil quality in the plant is the best when the optimum soil reaction is pH 4.5, its development is also good at higher pH levels.
• S.sclarea grows vigorously in dry calcareous soil, in sunlight and in areas with good rainfall in spring. Under these conditions, the plant gives the best essential oil yield and the quality of the oil is better. Plants with many stems and few flowers are formed in wet areas and moist soils, so oil yield is also low.

Parts used: Essential oil (Salviae aetheroleum) obtained by steam distillation from leaves (Salviae officinalis folium) and leafy and pale purple flowering branches.
It can be gargled with hydrolat and used internally.

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