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Salvia sclarea L. Morphological features

• Salvia sclarea 120 cm. can grow.
• Stem is square and covered with hairs. The leaves at the base are 30 cm. is long.
• The top of the leaf is covered with wrinkled and grandular hairs.
• The flowers are in a circular arrangement. Each circle contains 2 to 6 flowers.
• Bracts are large, magenta, purple, white or pink in color with pink margins.
• Lilac or miv colored corolla 2.5 cm. is long.
• Flowers are hermaphrodite.
• Seeds can be sown directly outside in the spring.

Flowering time: June-August.

Parts used: Essential oil (Salviae aetheroleum) obtained by steam distillation from the leaves (Salviae officinalis folium) and leaves with leaves and branches with pale purple flowers. Preparation of tea: 150 ml of hot water is poured on 2 g of coarsely crushed leaf droplet. The brewing is about 5 minutes, and the teacup should be covered. It is recommended to drink 2-3 times a day, especially for women.

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