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Salvia officinalis
Production: Sage leaf consists of fresh or dried leaf of Salvia officinalis. In the wild, sage is harvested from the former Yugoslavia, the Adriatic coast and areas further from the coast but still under Mediterranean influence. Harvest lasts from mid-July to December, depending on the region.
Sage can be dried in direct sunlight, but up to 25% of the oil can be lost. Drying in the shade reduces oil loss by 2 to 10%. Use a drying chamber with vertical incoming air currents with optimum drying conditions, 0.9% absolute humidity at 50°C, to avoid oil loss.
Essential oil (1.5-3.5%): major components alpha-thujone and beta thujone (20-60%), 1,8-cineol (6-16%), camphor (14-37%), borneol, isobutyl acetate, camphene , linalool, alphaand beta-pinene, viridifluorool, alpha- and beta-caryophyllene (humulene)
Caffeic acid derivatives (3-6%): rosmarinic acid, chlorogenic acid -
Diterpenes: main components carnosolic acid (picrosalvin, 0.2-0.4%), rosmanol, safficinolide
Flavonoids: containing numerous methoxylated aglycones, genkwanin, genkwanin-6-methylether, among others, apigenin- and luteolin-7 glucosides, among others
Triterpenes: chief components ursolic acid (5%)

Below are the formulas for several "general" folk medicine decoctions and infusions.
Decoction No. 1 - A spoonful of herb, boiled with 1 glass of water, was quickly filtered and sweetened.
Decoction No. 2 - 15 g of fresh leaves are boiled in 200 ml of water for 3 minutes, filtered and consumed.
Infusion No.l - Mix 20 g of dried leaves with 1 liter of boiling water, infuse for 15 minutes, strain and sweeten if necessary.

It is cultivated in the July Organic Farm.
Drug (Used part): Leaves (Salviae officinalis folium)
It contains 1% -2.5% essential oil. It is effective against gram(+) and gram(-) bacteria as antibacterial, yeast and candida albicans as fungicide. It has high antiviral activity.
In preparation as tea, 150 ml of hot water is poured on 3 g of the drug (Infusion), covered and left for 7-8 minutes. It is brewed until it is brewed and drunk at a temperature close to lukewarm. Morning and evening use is sufficient. In its use, if the person does not have diabetes, it is sweetened with honey when desired (Honey should not be added while it is hot!).

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