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lion tail
(Leonurus cardiaca L.)
Lion's tail (Leonurus cardiaca L.)
The lion tail, which was originally native to Europe and Scandinavia, later began to grow in Russia, Asia, Anatolia and North America.
It is not recommended for use in children under 18 years of age, as sufficient data are not available.
If you have used/contemplated using these herbs, please consult your doctor or pharmacist beforehand.
It is cultivated in the July Organic Farm.

Use part is above ground parts. Diterpenes (leocardin), iridoid monoterpenes (leonurid, ajugol, galiridoside, reptoside), flavonoids (rutin, quercitin, isoquercitin, hyperoside, genkvanin), leonurin (syringa acid esters etc.), betaine, caffeic acid derivatives, ursonic acids It contains many components, especially stachirin and essential oil.
Preparation of
200 ml of hot water is poured on 2-4 g of the drug, the mouth is closed and it is waited for 10 minutes to infuse. One cup is consumed in the morning and in the evening.
Store in a dry place at room temperature.

The most important feature of lion tail grass, which is used as a remedy for goiter, fatigue and headache, is that it regulates heart movements and prevents palpitations. .

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