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MEDICAL Marshmallow 25 GR

Marshmallow Leaf
Latin name: Althaeae folium
English name: Marshmallow leaf
Plant From: Althaea officinalis

It is the dried leaves and effective dose preparations of Althaea officinalis L. (Malvaceae).

General information
Marshmallow is naturalized in the swamps of the USA, growing in the wetlands of Europe and Western Asia; It is a perennial plant cultivated from Western Europe to Russia.
Marshmallow has been used in traditional European medicine for over 2000 years. The treatment effect was first recorded in BC. 9th century has also been recorded.
Its whole or cut dried leaves and root are registered in the European Pharmacopoeia.
Marshmallow root and leaf are licensed as standard medicinal tea in Germany.
Commission E reported that it acts by improving local irritation.

Mucilage (6-9%), consisting of marshmallow leaf, arabinogalactans and galacturonoramnans; flavonoids (8-hydroxyluteolin and 8-ß-gentobioside); phenolic acids; tannins; and contains essential oil.

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