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Goji Berry: Fruit of Lycium barbarum. The fruits are bright reddish in color, elliptical in shape, 1-2 cm in length and weighing 5 to 12 g. Also known as Wolfberry. Its fruits are harvested between August and October. The main components of the fruits (calculated on dry weight) are polysaccharides and proteoglycans up to 23%, which are known and consumed not only in China but also in Europe due to their antioxidant components. Carotinoids are the second largest group. Its fruits also contain vitamins: riboflavin, vitamin B1 (thiamine), ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Due to the rich content of the fruits and the high percentage of components, it is recommended to consume 6-7 pieces a day raw or by putting them on yogurt.

Lycium barbarum medicinal plant leaf / herba (Lycii herba): It contains mainly Flavonoids (such as luteolin, quercetin, apigenin,rutin, kempferol).

Usage in the form of tea: It is used in the form of infusion (brewing) prepared from coarsely chopped leaves. 150 ml of hot water is poured on 1-1.5 g (1 teaspoon of leaf liquor), 6-7 minutes. It is brewed, filtered and drunk twice a day (morning and evening) when it comes to room temperature, either hungry or full.

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