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It is produced in the July Organic Farm.
Drug (Used part): Leaves (Rosmarini folium). It is included in the German E Commission positive monograph. There is also the ESCOP monograph.
Although it contains up to 3% of tannin, the main active substance group is the essential oil it contains at the rate of 1-2.5%. The proportions of the important components of this essential oil vary depending on the characteristics of the region where it grows and the climate. The most important is 1,8-Cineol = eucalyptol.
It is registered in the monographs that rosemary leaf infusion tea is used in cases of indigestion, that it has a digestive effect, and that this effect is due to the bitter and aromatic substances in its structure.
Adults can prepare an infusion (brewing) of 4-6 g of leaf droplet three times a day and in total, not exceeding 5-6 minutes, and consume it in the form of tea and after meals.

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